Johnny Cash is a legend. While the artist himself may have passed on, the legend continues. That’s what legends do.

I mean really, who else could be a superstar of country music and then go on to perform before an appreciative audience at Lalapalooza? Do you see Garth Brooks remaking --’s “Personal Jesus”? No. Only the Man in Black could do that, crossing over audiences and genres without ever losing the style that made him famous.

Especially with the critical and commercial success of last year’s Ray, legends are perfect targets for movies right now, and Cash is no different. Heck, studios probably heard his last name and thought he was the perfect subject for the box office. November will see Joaquin Phoenix Walk the Line as Johnny Cash in this year’s biopic contender for Best Picture.

Originally I was skeptical at the thought of Phoenix playing the famous singer, but after seeing the trailer, I’ve changed my opinion. The trailer shows Phoenix looking on par with Foxx’s take on Ray Charles. It just goes to show, the artist may have passed on, but actors can always help the legend continue.

Click below to check out the trailer over at and decide for yourself whether Phoenix can fill those black shoes.


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