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When Tarantino first burst on to the scene, he quickly became renowned as a director who could reinvigorate a career. It began with John Travolta in Pulp Fiction, then there was Robert Forester in Jackie Brown, and, briefly, David Carradine in Kill Bill. Now following the release and incredible success of Inglourious Basterds, Tarantino isn't exactly reinventing careers, but he's giving them a hell of a boost.

By way of their Facebook account (kind of an esoteric place to post an announcement like this), Hopscotch Films has announced that they will be distributing David Cronenberg's next film, The Talking Cure, and that it has lined up its three stars: Christoph Waltz, Michael Fassbender and Keira Knightley. Based on the play of the same name by Christopher Hampton, the story centers on the birth of psychoanalysis and the relationship between Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud and Jung's young Russian patient whom he has fallen in love with.

I may pass out from all of the awesome that is contained in this article. I'm concerned that my bandwidth can't contain incredibleness of this magnitude. Both Waltz and Fassbender were the male standouts of Tarantino's war epic, and while I would have been happy seeing more of them in anything stateside (such as Waltz's role in The Green Hornet), the idea that both will be working with Cronenberg is too perfect for words. Obviously this venture into the history of psychoanalysis will be far from what we are used to seeing from Cronenberg (unless someone gets a horrendous paper cut), but it should provide an excellent stage for the two actors to show off their incredible talents.

Oh, and Keira Knightley is good news too. Hooray.

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