Just a few minutes ago we posted the first trailer for The Change-Up, which is set to be released on August 5. But before Ryan Reynolds can get drunk, piss in a fountain and switch bodies with Jason Bateman, he's been tasked to be a protector of the galaxy in Green Lantern, and now we have some new shots from the film.

Warner Bros. has sent out three new stills from the DC superhero movie and while they're all basically screenshots from the footage that was show a couple weeks back at WonderCon, that's not stopping them from being extremely cool. In the photos below you will see Hal Jordan (Reynolds) forming a Gatling gun out of green energy, talking with Tomar Re (Geoffrey Rush) and standing in a crowd with other members of the Green Lantern Corps listening to a speech being given by Sinestro (Mark Strong).

Check out the images below and click on them to go high res over on in our Blend Film Database.

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