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Wanted may have been number two at the box office last weekend, but it was a number two with a lot of ticket sales behind it. There’s already been talk of a sequel, but if what our sources are telling us is true, they aren’t planning a sequel but a trilogy.

One of our best sources dropped me a note this morning with details on where Wanted is headed, as the rush to turn it into a franchise begins. Two more sequels, not just one are already being planned out, and from what we’ve been told both James McAvoy and Terrence Stamp are an absolute lock to be back. That’s no surprise really, but what is a surprise is that we’re hearing Angelina Jolie may be back as well. And now we get into spoiler territory, so if you haven’t seen the first film stop reading now.

It’s surprising, since by the end of the film both Jolie and Freeman’s characters are quite definitively dead. That’s no barrier for Hollywood though. The plan is to involve them in flashbacks which will explore the past of Angelina Jolie’s Fox, and allow us to meet the man who trained and recruited her. That person could become a major villain in the sequels, which would explain the flashback links to Jolie and Freeman.

For the sequels their idea is to take Wanted international, and have James McAvoy’s Wesley character fighting Fraternity cells all over the world. It seems Sloane isn’t the only Fraternity leader who has been ignoring the instructions of fate, it’s something that’s been happening for centuries, and that means a lot of Sloane’s peers are now pretty pissed off at Wesley. Also in the mix is the uncovering the secret past of Wesley’s father, some of which may lead to the revelation that Wesley’s family has been a part of the fraternity for generations. Our scooper speculates, “Could this be the next Jason Bourne series?” If what our sources are hearing is true, that does seem to be the direction Universal Pictures is headed.

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