Some of you might know about Timothy Hines. He's like Uwe Boll only more respected by the movie community because his low budget sci-fi/horror movies quiet rightly don't get distribution deals unlike his German counterpart.

He's also just as arrogant as Uwe Boll when it comes to backing up his words with material. The man claims he was unfairly snubbed by A-list actors... despite having Z-list credentials; to be honest even the most desperate Christian Slater would've thought twice..

We received a press release regarding Timothy Hines "faithful" adaptation of War Of The Worlds six months ago and to be honest nobody could've cared less, it looked like a Hallmark channel director with dreams of Hollywood fame. So how ironic that I should stumble across the "THEATRICAL TRAILER" for Hines magnum opus. If you see this trailer in a theatre, the manager was probably smoking crack when he approved it...

Those of you who were underwhelmed by Steven Spielberg's Superbowl teaser trailer would do well to consider how bad it could've been...

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