Isaac Marion’s Warm Bodies is a little different that what readers have come to expect from a zombie novel. It’s a story tinged with sympathy and romance, written warmly, and filled with humor. Bringing the Young Adult novel to the big screen would mean cutting some beautiful prose and streamlining numerous events to fit time constraints, but screenplay writer and director Jonathan Levine knows how to get into R’s head without making the process tedious and knows how to tweak the story without missing Marion’s big point.

For the sake of creating a believable relationship between Julie and R, there are some fairly big changes made to the latter half of Warm Bodies’ storyline when bringing it to the big screen. Purists may not appreciate all or any of the changes, but to create a movie told entirely from the perspective of a zombie rich in thought but barely able to communicate in the real world is a huge achievement, and in Warm Bodies' case, an enjoyable one.

Following are the ten biggest changes I noticed in my screening of Warm Bodies. Feel free to remark on any changes you feel may have been more noticeable. There are many spoilers in the Warm Bodies book to movie comparison. Do not delve in if you want the film to be a surprise.

With the help of a hoodie, R goes from a former businessman to a former unemployed schlub. This actually has less of an effect on his character than viewer’s might guess, but it does allow Levine to throw in a couple of extra jokes.

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