UPDATE! Warner Bros. tells The Wrap that the 2013 date for The Hobbit detailed in their press release was a typo. The Hobbit is actually slated for 2012.

A slightly less obnoxious way to milk a little extra money out of a movie ticket is to put it on IMAX. Sometimes it's awesome (The Dark Knight), sometimes it's even on the not-even-that-big Liemax screen, but the studios like it and it doesn't involve wearing silly glasses, so it's probably not going anywhere-- particularly with Warner Bros. in the game. The studio has announced (via Coming Soon) that they've signed a deal with IMAX to show up to 20 of their next releases on the giant screen, starting with this fall's Legends of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole and leading all the way to The Hobbit, which is apparently looking at a December 2013 release date.

The announcement also includes mention of a lot of films that we know are happening, but know pretty much nothing else about-- Batman 3, the Christopher Nolan-supervised Superman, the Alfonso Cuaron/Robert Downey Jr. project Gravity, Fury Road (a.k.a. the new Mad Max movie), and Dark Shadows, the adaptation of the old-scool vampire TV show set to star Johnny Depp, provided it ever gets made. It was probably a fair bet to assume all of these major tentpoles would be going to IMAX; when the announcement comes that they'll all be in 3D, that's when you're allowed to start wringing your hands.

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