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These days, $33 million doesn’t buy you much. You could probably buy a stake in a small microchip company, maybe even the rights to some long-dead Atari video game franchise. But big money is required to buy anything of worth. Or at least that’s how things were prior to the recession.

Now companies like Warner. Bros can pick up big money making franchises like Mortal Kombat on the cheap. Variety is reporting that Warner. Bros was able to purchase most of Midway Games’ assets for just $33 million, thanks to Midway filing for bankruptcy earlier this year. Midway's assets include the rights to games such as Mortal Kombat, Spy Hunter and Joust.

What this means for the franchises involved remains to be seen (they'll almost certainly make more games), though it’s all but definite that a Mortal Kombat movie will eventually be greenlit. Typically Warner Bros. knows how to treat their big name franchises, so this will definitely be good news for the seventeen people still interested in seeing a Kombat movie. Either way it’s good for the WB. They could sell a few cheaply made screen pressed shirts and get that money back.

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