It's because of new-fangled nonsense like this that Borders is closing thirty percent of its stores and likely the rest within a few years. Warner Brothers announced today that they're putting together a new app that will allow iPhone and iPad users to download the first five minutes of Inception and The Dark Knight for free. In addition, fans will get access to limited bonus content and the ability to order the entire film. Inception will cost $11.99 and The Dark Knight will cost $9.99.

In addition, all purchases will come with all the available special features, as well as trivia games and the ability to easily post comments and responses on Facebook and Twitter. The special applications are already available, and if successful, Warner Brothers will launch a more expansive offering of movie apps throughout 2011 and beyond.

The only real question is whether viewers will want to only watch these films through their computers and cellular devices. Films have long been a somewhat social medium, and it seems unlikely people will want to exclude themselves the opportunity to watch with their friends, especially as televisions become more gigantic.

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