Back in February a rumor surfaced that once Christopher Nolan was done once and for all with the Batman franchise, he would move on to a biopic about Howard Hughes, this one focusing on his later years as opposed to the glitzy Hollywood era depicted in Martin Scorsese's The Aviator. But before Nolan is even done with the Bat cowl, a Hollywood legend might beat him to the punch. Deadline reports that Warren Beatty is finally moving ahead on his long-gestating dream project, and yes, it's a biopic of Howard Hughes that he plans to star in and direct.

They've also got a list of the actors Beatty has been meeting with, and weirdly enough, it includes Alec Baldwin, who played a major character in The Aviator. It also includes a laundry list of interesting up and coming actors-- Andrew Garfield, Shia LaBeouf, Evan Rachel Wood and Rooney Mara-- plus Jack Nicholson and, of course, his wife Annette Bening. Deadline says it's not really a biopic, even though Beatty will play Hughes and the movie will focus on the mogul's later years. It's too early to say how it might affect Nolan's film, since both films are in early development and who knows what else Nolan has in mind, so you don't have to choose Team Warren vs. Team Christopher just yet. When the time comes, though, just remember who has the backup supply of Batarangs to prove his point.

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