#3 Even when he's bad, he's good.

But Cumberbatch had been making memorable movie appearances prior to Sherlock. In Joe Wright's lauded adaptation of Ian McEwan's World War II-set romance novel Atonement, Cumberbatch played chocolate magnate Paul Marshall, who oozed a certain seediness that later proved pivotal to the film's plot, when he (spoiler ahead for Atonement) rapes young Lola (Juno Temple, a rising star herself) then flees the scene. In the clip above (which you can seee by clicking the screengrab) we see him begin his sickening pursuit of the young girl. Knowing what's to come, this scene is hard to watch, but cheers to Cumberbatch for nailing this mix of smarm and charm that sucks the naïve Lola in.

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