If you’re trying to decide which movie you should go see tonight, look no further than this article. The kind folks over at Paramount were generous enough to release a six minute clip from today’s animated release Rango that will surely make the decision for you. The film stars Johnny Depp in the lead, supported by Abigail Breslin, Isla Fisher and many many more.

The clip introduces Rango to the lawless town of Dirt, an aptly named town full of gamblers and thieves in need of a sheriff to police them. Rango appears as an outsider looking to make a name for himself so he spins a few stories, accidentally insults and breathes fire on the town bully and boom, he’s Rango, the rough and tumble chameleon everything thinks will save the town. Watch it on MSN.

Rango is in theaters now and boasts some of the best looking animation we’ve seen to date.

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