If you’ve seen any of Disney Nature’s recent attempts at bringing wildlife documentaries to the screen, you’ve probably soured on the whole concept. Most of their recent endeavors were little more than cheap, theatrical cash-ins which often recycled old, widely seen footage. But now Warner Bros. is taking a shot at the big screen wildlife movie, and they’re doing it in IMAX 3D. It’s called Born to be Wild, and the film’s first trailer is so simple and engaging, that even as someone burned by those horrible Disney Nature movies you may find yourself more than willing to give it a shot.

Born to be Wild 3D documents the efforts of people to save orphaned orangutans and elephants. That results in a trailer filled with such inescapably cute footage as an orangutan sharing spaghetti with a human buddy, and a pretty unforgettable shot of a herd of baby elephants playing soccer. Better still, the whole thing’s narrated by Morgan Freeman. No matter how many times he’s narrated movies like this, it never gets old.

Check out the first trailer for Born to be Wild below. See you afterward for discussion of what we just watched.

It’s somewhat ironic that the movie’s titled Born to be Wild and that Morgan Freeman’s narration is largely about how important it is to let wild animals run free… while all the trailer’s footage involves wild animals taking part in some sort of domesticated activity. Maybe that’s not a bad thing since it the doc seems to be more about having fun with the subject matter than it is about preaching on the topic of environmentalism. This is a smart move, it’s the March of the Penguins move, and that worked pretty well. Sure this unlikely to reach Penguin-like heights but I’m in. What about you?

For more on Born to be Wild, including a look at the movie's first teaser poster, visit its page in our Blend Film Database.

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