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When Yogi Bear arrives in theaters a few days from now, you can be certain that it’ll probably end in some sort of ridiculous dance number. That’s just what these crappy family movies do. But apparently someone has put together an alternate ending for the film, in which, well, Booboo murders Yogi.

The alternate ending, which you can watch below while it lasts, parodies the end of the better than it gets credit for Brad Pitt movie The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. Rumor has it that this may have been done by the movie’s actual animators. If true I sort of feel bad for them, forced to work on a movie which even they must know looks utterly awful. Maybe this was therapy for them. It’s almost certainly better than anything actually in the movie. Watch it while it lasts:

UPDATE: Sadly, as you may have predicted, it turns out that this video wasn't made by the animators of the actual Yogi Bear movie. The Wall Street Journal has managed to track down the actual creator, whose name is Edmund Earle, a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design. It's a shame, really. Here I thought the animators had created an outlet for their frustrations while making what looks to be a truly god-awful film.