I'll never understand what inspires movie studios to preview new trailers on Entertainment Tonight before releasing them online, but they keep doing it, which means we keep getting our first looks at highly anticipated new movies with insipid anchors talking over them. The latest victim of this is Moneyball, which is a pretty bizarre candidate for this kind of treatment-- a sports drama, based on a book about baseball statistics, about building a better team roster through the power of economics. OK, yes, it stars Brad Pitt, but so did Tree of Life, and it didn't suffer like this.

Check out the short preview below, in which we see Pitt looking like a full-on mid-career Robert Redford as Oakland A's manager Billy Beane, trying to save his team and bossing around economics whiz kid Paul de Podesta, played by Jonah Hill. They'll have the full trailer tonight, which will presumably be online soon after; I'm reserving judgment on this until we've seen anything resembling a full trailer, but I do like what we're seeing so far. It might be a natural weakness for baseball movies, or it might be because director Bennett Miller has managed the impossible task of adapting a book about baseball stats into a watchable movie. We'll find out soon enough; Moneyball is due in theaters September 23.

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