It seemed like Scream 4 would be filming for something like 100 years, given that shooting started in May in Michigan and as recently as two weeks ago a new name was added to the cast. But, believe it or not, Wes Craven tweeted yesterday that Scream 4 was a wrap, and to celebrate, Entertainment Tonight ran their footage from a visit to the set.

You can watch it all in the two videos below, one of which is the official piece that went on the air, and the other extended interviews from the set. Because this is a tabloid show the focus is on Courteney Cox and David Arquette and their looooove story across the Scream series, but there's also some footage of Ghostface chasing Neve Campbell, Hayden Panettiere and Emma Roberts around a house, which is what you Scream junkies are really looking for. Take a look at the videos below (hat tip to Coming Soon for tracking them down). Now that the Scream 4 casting stories are finally finished, it's time to prepare for the slow trickle of publicity before the April 2011 release. It never ends!

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