As mentioned earlier this week when recapping the opening scenes from Transformers: Dark of the Moon, this past Wednesday I was invited to attend an event at Paramount Pictures where blockbuster directors Michael Bay and James Cameron sat down to have a moderated discussion about one of the most controversial subjects in movies today: 3D. In that same article I mentioned that video of the conversation would be available on Friday, and if you check you calendars, you'll notice that that's today.

While the conversation - minus the footage shown - was about 30 minutes long, Paramount has released a three-minute edited version to post online. Rather than just being an extended conversation about the virtues of the new technologies, the chat was actually quite honest, both director's pointing out the flaws and problems with shooting in 3D as well as the benefits. With any luck the full video will eventually be available, but for now this version is definitely worth a look.

Check it out below.

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