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Even if you agree with me that James Franco's Oscar hosting job was particularly awful, it's hard to deny the joy of the opening bit, in which Anne Hathaway and Franco pulled a Billy Crystal and inserted themselves into scenes from the year's biggest movies. Based around the notion of invading Alec Baldwin's dreams to get Oscar hosting tips, the two talked about dreamscapes with Leonardo DiCaprio, sat in on legal depositions with Mark Zuckerberg and the Winklevi, hung out at the boxing ring with Mark Wahlberg and Amy Adams, danced with Natalie Portman in the ballet studio, and even wound up in a DeLorean.

If you missed it, the video is now online and you can watch it below-- though be quick, since these things don't often stick around long. In addition the Oscars themselves have posted the Grease-inspired musical number with Hathaway and Franco that he hinted at in his Twitter feed but never made it into the actual show. They perform "You're The One That I Want" from the big finale, but with the lyrics all about hosting the Oscars; it's unclear if it was ever intended to be part of the show or was always meant as an online promo, but either way, it's more energetic than anything Franco did during the actual show, so well worth a watch.

Take a look at both videos below; for more on the Oscars, check out our full list of winners, my roundup of what all the winners mean, or Mack's rant about poor Corey Haim being left out of the In Memoriam tribute.

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