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With the limited, but spectacular looks we've gotten at Independence Day: Resurgence, we still haven't seen hide nor hair of our once and future adversaries: the aliens that tried to seize our world 20 years ago. Well, we've got our first, brief look at them tonight; and as you'll see in the TV spot below, they aren't the biggest surprise in our latest look at the film.
If you were watching The Walking Dead tonight, then you probably saw this latest look at Independence Day: Resurgence right before 20th Century Fox deployed it on their YouTube channel. But for the rest of you internet folk who aren't partaking in AMC's zombie-centric drama, you're probably just getting your first glimpse at the long awaited sequel's latest efforts to entice you to see the film in theaters. In either case, if this TV spot is any indication of what they've been hiding behind closed doors, then their mission is a little closer to being accomplished.

particularly with the first look at the reappearance of Brent Spiner's Dr. Brakish Okun. Thought to have been killed during the events of Independence Day's "War of 1996," Dr. Okun has apparently been in a coma since his encounter with the alien specimen the government had been keeping in storage in Area 51. Much like former president Thomas Whitmore, it looks like Okun's close encounter has left him with the ability to decipher the thoughts of a bunch of alien captives we've taken since our defeat of their forces two decades ago. Both men are instrumental to providing us with the latest twist in Independence Day: Resurgence's overall plot, and it can be summed up in three words spoken by President Whitmore, "She has arrived."

Now judging by what we know about the aliens from Independence Day, as well as what we've just learned from Independence Day: Resurgence's first TV spot, a very big piece of the alien puzzle may have just been revealed. As it turns out, the alien species that tried to wipe us out in 1996 looks like its structured in a hive hierarchy. With this assumption in place, we can theorize that the defeat of the advance party of drones sent by this unnamed species has triggered a visit from their queen. And from the looks of it, her wrath is definitely much greater than that of her underlings from 20 years ago.
For those of you who may have been on the fence about Independence Day: Resurgence, this TV spot has looked to change your mind. Certainly, with the fair amount of action, intrigue, and Jeff Goldblum that this latest ad has thrown your way, you can begin to form a new opinion on what to expect from the long overdue sequel. In either case, you can either count the days to Independence Day: Resurgence's release with excitement or despair, as its June 24th release date inches ever closer.