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We’ve seen a lot from the set of Sony’s upcoming Spider-Man remake, some of it pretty thrilling. Whether he’s doing back flips into pickups or just chilling in his suit trying out mechanical webshooters one things seems certain: This movie will have Spider-Man in it.

What I mean by that is, he won’t just be some CGI construct, which is what he’s sort of become by the end of Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 after Tobey Maguire started suffering from back problems that probably required more stunt work than they’d bargained for. I’m just guessing at that, but with his documented back issues that’s as good an explanation as any. Here’s more proof that director Marc Webb’s take on Spidey will have actual Spidey moments. A video taken from the set in which Spider-Man engages in some actual, honest-to-god web swinging over a busy highway. Watch:

I wonder if, had camera phones been as readily available when Raimi’s first Spider-Man was filming, we’d have seen footage this exciting leaking out of the set. I know we saw nothing like it for Spider-Man 3, even though digital technology had made serious inroads into the world and people were bound to have cameras somewhere near where they were filming. Maybe this is a good sign, a sign that Webb is dodging the modern tendency’s towards excessive green screen and instead taking the Dark Knight road of actually filming things.

For more detailed info on Sony’s Spider-Man reboot visit its page in our BFD.

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