While every other Avenger and Guardian is shown quite extensively in the Phase 1 & 2: A Look Back video, we only get small pieces of footage involving The Hulk! I know Edward Norton pissed Marvel Studios off enough that he was recast with Mark Ruffalo, but it's time to drop the baggage and acknowledge The Incredible Hulk IS canon! It's included for 30 seconds in this video, the film is in the Phase I Assembled box set, and Bruce Banner even refers to his fight in Harlem and his suicide attempt in 2008's disowned stepchild of a film.

I'm not saying Edward Norton needs to be shown in the clip, however Marvel could easily have expanded the footage of The Hulk that they'd used from the previous film and had Banner's dialogue from The Avengers do the talking. The way Marvel has been handling the Hulk mythology (which was also glaringly present in the Assembling A Universe special a couple of months back) is disrespectful to the character, as well as Mark Ruffalo's stellar performance as Bruce Banner AND The Hulk. Going into the future, Marvel would be doing itself a favor to remember the man behind the monster.

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