The first two minutes of Rio are online and those first two minutes are a musical number. More than anything it reminds me of some of the better musical numbers in The Lion King in which nature seemed to vibrate to the beat of sympathetic tunes like “The Circle of Life”. Rio’s music takes a much more upbeat, Latin approach but it’s the same idea.

This is the sort of thing Disney used to do brilliantly. It’s also exactly the sort of thing that gets butts in seats. In case you haven’t noticed American’s are obsessed with dancing, show the nation’s masses a movie with dancing birds and they’re there. Still Rio seems to be making an effort to create something more artistically satisfying than a leftover episode of Dance Your Ass Off. Here’s the first two, colorful, music-filled minutes of Rio:

If you believe like I do, that the world needs more dancing tucans, then you’ll want to know more about Rio. We’ve got you covered. For detailed info on the film just click over to its page in our Blend Film Database.

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