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In the age of the internet, you can get people to pretty much say anything. It doesn't matter if they're dead, alive, famous, or infamous – if they've said it on camera, they'll say it forever. And if you're a really good editor, like the person who put together the video you see below, you can even make them sing a pop song that recently made waves. Say "hello" to this creative rendition of Adele's hit of the same name.

Matthijs Vlot is the YouTube artist we have to thank for this musical montage, and much like montages of the past, this video crosses through several eras of Hollywood history. Starting with an awkward initial greeting by Sacha Baron Cohen in Ali G Indahouse and finishing off with the trippy visage of a scattered Homer Simpson in The Simpsons Movie, we only get to see the intro and the first chorus of Adele's chart topping hit. Luckily, that's enough to provide some well earned laughs, and show off some stylish editing in the process.

While the video is a little rough in the beginning, it's really down to the fact that the intro to "Hello" is slow, deliberate, and precisely measured. So obviously, trying to string clips from The Flintstones, Gremlins, and The Spy Who Loved Me into a cohesive facsimile is going to be easier said than done. But when the video kicks into the chorus, marked by C3PO's panicked distraction from Return of the Jedi, the rest of the proceedings are smooth and surprisingly fit the cadence of the song. Though it also helps that Bill Murray and Arsenio Hall score two really good line readings from Charlie's Angels and Coming To America, respectively.

Any budding professional film editor can build themselves a portfolio with videos such as this, and Matthijs Vlot is certainly off to a great start with this cover of Adele's "Hello." For comparison, take a listen to the original song below, in its unaltered form.

If you're interested in seeing any of Matthijs Vlot's other work, feel free to browse his official YouTube channel.

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