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I was a strong believer in Josh Hutcherson when he was mired in the audition process for Marc Webb's Spider-Man. He was young enough for the role and with Hollywood experience, but not so much that you couldn't imagine him stepping into Spidey and transforming entirely. But, of course, the role went to Andrew Garfield, leaving me to simply wonder what it would have been to watch Hutcherson go from meek Peter Parker to gravity-defying Spider-Man.

Now, believe it or not, I don't have to imagine at all. Through some weird black magic (or well-placed sources, whichever) the guys at Latino Review have gotten their hands on Hutcherson's Spider-Man audition tape, which he apparently filmed on his own in a gym somewhere and hired fight choreographer Larnell Stovall to set up some impressive stunts for him. The scene is far heavier on the action than you might expect from a standard audition tape, but Hutcherson pulls it off well. No offense to Andrew Garfield, but this does make me sad for the movie we won't get to see. Check it all out below.

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