Vaughn’s energy can be felt throughout the labyrinth-like setup. His booming laugh bellows so loud off set that it took me a second to identify it as a laugh at all. When another take is marred by an unexpected sneeze from Vaughn, he abandons his lines and jokingly sneers at his onscreen son, “I’m allergic to that kind of talk. I’m allergic to being talked to like that in my house!”

But despite these moments of levity and spontaneity, both Scott and Vaughn said there was little improvisation on this set. “The film is very story oriented. There’s a story to tell, and the scenes are written already there,” Scott told us, “So on this project, he is an actor and he’s very interested in telling this story that is already written and that is already there on the page. But…he’s a very strong improviser. We did it a few times, and I was very impressed. But he was adamant about—you know he read the script, and he felt very strongly about this is a story that needs to be told in this way, in these words. So that was great. But the few times where I’d identify a few places where ‘Okay here we can improvise a bit,’—I was very, very, very impressed by what he can do just spontaneously.” (For his part, Vaughn went on to detail his personal pet peeves with the contemporary concept of improv, which you can read all about in our full set interview later this week. )

Both men also agreed that despite the humor in Wozniak’s manchild antics, there is a heavy dose of drama in the film as well. To Scott, this is what makes Delivery Man a great representation of fatherhood. “I feel that fatherhood is very much like a dramatic comedy. There’s some great moments. There’s some funny moments. There’s some more dramatic moments,” Scott, a father himself, insists. “So, naturally when we stay close to a theme, and we’re all explaining that theme in a hopefully authentic way, naturally we have all those emotions.”

We’ll all get to see how this balancing act of drama and comedy shakes out when Delivery Man opens on November 22nd. For now, check out the feature’s first trailer.

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