Grab your calendar and circle January 6th. That’s the date when Watchmen goes to court, to decide whether or not you’ll ever be allowed to see it, according to HR.

The good news is that Judge Gary Allen Feess, presiding over the case, has instructed 20th Century Fox to forgo attempts to get a preliminary injunction against Warner Brothers, which would stop the release of Watchmen. That doesn’t mean the release is safe, it just means the judge isn’t going to block it yet. If things don’t go Warner Bros. way once the trial starts, it’s still conceivable that Watchmen could end up being flushed down the toilet. Don't be surprised if Warner Bros. at least pushes the release date back in the meantime, you never know how long something like this could drag on.

At issue is still 20th Century Fox’s claim that they own the rights to the movie, a claim based on a technicality which they chose not to mention until it became clear that people might actually be interested in seeing Watchmen. Funny that, isn’t it? Fox hasn’t backed down on their assertion that they won’t be happy with a piece of the pie either. Last we heard their lawyers were making it clear that they were only out to stop the movie from being seen, and with the trial going forward that still seems to be their aim.

I’ve never been one for protest marches. The Republican National Convention is happening right now, and the streets of St. Paul are flooded with protestors. They’re probably wasting their time, the government no longer seems to listen to that sort of public demonstration. Corporations however… do. Start painting your signs and coming up with creative “suck it Fox” slogans. If sales of spray paint go up shortly before the trial, don't be surprised to see "Who Watches the Watchmen" painted on walls around the neighborhood. If I were some sort of geek anarchist, I know that's what I'd do. Since I'm not into vandalism though, I’ll see you in front of the courthouse on January 9th. Ok… I probably won’t. I have a big high-def TV and a pretty comfy chair that requires my attention. But it sounds really cool when I pretend as if I’ll actually get up off my couch for something.

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