Masters of Sex Box
Masters of Sex: Season 1 DVD
Masters of Sex is a kinky and curious show following the rise of William Masters and Virginia Johnson, two interested and interesting people studying sex during a period when American couples often slept in different beds at night. The brashness of the chaste world of upper class incomes and medical science versus Masters of Sex’s behind-the-scenes experiments maintains interest over the course of its 12 first-season episodes.

While Masters of Sex features a large supporting cast, the show mostly focuses on Masters (Michael Sheen) and Johnson (Lizzy Caplan), as they navigate the waters of putting together an unapproved university study on sexual behavior. The doctor and his assistant make for an odd couple. She’s kind and smart and puts people at ease, while he has a tendency to make those around him feel wary. Both are ambitious, though, and both prove they have trouble separating their work lives and their personal lives.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment’s set isn’t nice enough that Masters of Sex will sit proudly on the good part of your DVD shelf. However, performances from Sheen and Caplan, as well as Beau Bridges, Annaleigh Ashford, Nicholas D’Agosto and Caitlin Fitzgerald do leave an impression, and should be worth revisiting every now and again.

Best Special Feature: The "Making of Masters Of Sex" touches on the original work but also on the casting process. It delves into how Michael Sheen was unavailable but everyone involved got so excited about him, they put off production in order to accommodate him. That was arguably the production's most important choice, though deciding Lizzy Caplan, a very modern girl, could work in the 1950s was a close second.

Other Bonus Features:
Cast & Crew Commentary
Deleted Scenes
A Masterful Portrayal: Michael Sheen as Dr. Masters
Ahead of Her Time: Lizzy Caplan as Virginia Johnson

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