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Director Paul Weitz has made a name for himself over the years by creating accessible, character-oriented films that often include love and adults with children, as seen in About a Boy and In Good Company. His latest film, Admission tells a story of a rigid admissions officer at Princeton University who begins to open up and broaden her emotional perspective, thanks to a man who runs a nearby alternative school.

Tina Fey and Paul Rudd star in the comedy as the aforementioned admissions officer and head of the school. The actors are two of the most likeable and most accessible comedians in America and it was only a matter of time before someone threw them together in a movie. Unfortunately, while Fey’s awkward comedy could have gelled well with the goofier parts of Rudd’s personality, the latter is often asked to be a straight man in a movie that mixes in too many serious moments.

Blame it on the script by Karen Croner, who could have chosen to tell an inoffensive and charming romance story between the two leads or even tell a working girl's story with romance on the side. Instead, we get a bland mix of Fey working at the admissions office at Princeton, all while trying to juggle an estranged relationship with her mother, a home life that’s in shambles, a new romance, and a secret adoption that’s cropped up from her past. All of these stories seem to come from different movies, and while most of the characters and plotlines are likeable enough on their own, the movie finds itself in shambles when it tries to interrelate or connect its storylines in any way.

Fey’s mother is played by Lily Tomlin, and despite the focus on Fey’s Portia, it’s Tomlin’s Susannah that really brings in the laughs, reminding us that Admission is supposed to be a comedy and not another sentimental romance headed up by a few smart-looking individuals. Even with Tomlin’s sharp wit, like a lot of its college applicants, Admission doesn’t live up to expectations.

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