Celeste and Jesse Forever
There have been a slew of movies made about unconventional relationships in recent years, but Celeste and Jesse Forever may take the cake. It’s a story about a couple that is in the process of divorce, but still spend nearly all of their time together. The process of slowly detangling their lives can be painful or amusing, depending on the moment, but altogether Celeste and Jesse Forever puts together a satisfying package.

For a film that was created on a small budget and had an equally small theatrical release, Celeste and Jesse Forever comes with plenty of extras focusing on the cast and crew.

Best Special Feature: Deleted scenes. There are actually a ton of bonus features with this disc, but for a comedy that doesn’t always feel so lighthearted, a lot of the deleted scenes are humorous moments. A couple of them are even girl-humor moments between Ari Graynor and Jones, and since I felt the film could use a few more of those moments, I’m glad they are available in the extras.

Other Special Features:
Commentary with Rashida Jones & Andy Samberg
Commentary with Rashida Jones, Will McCormack, and Lee Toland Krieger
“The Making of Celeste and Jesse Forever
“On the Red Carpet: Premiere and Q&A”
Chris Pine outtakes
Theatrical trailer

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