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Fargo Remastered Edition Blu-ray
Circa 2014, The Coen Brothers are among the most famous directors in Hollywood. Even during the development stages, their projects are widely regarded as Oscar frontrunners and potential game-changers. They influence their peers. They enrapture their audiences. In short, they’re about as beloved as two dudes can be in Hollywood, but it wasn’t always that way. Once upon a time, they were more known as talented niche filmmakers popular with film snobs, but that all changed with Fargo.

A black comedy about woefully incompetent criminals and a pregnant police chief, the story completely captivated both critics and the general public en route to a sweet score at the box office and a really, really good return on investment. More importantly, it also showcased the Coen Brothers’ distinct directing and writing style to a much wider audience.

What makes Fargo and the rest of the Coen Brothers’ movies so incredible is their ability to invest in a group of characters and a setting and make it all feel completely authentic. Police Chief Marge Gunderson might be a buffoon or a source of cheap laughs in another movie, but here, she is given a chance to be clever, delightful and even heroic, accent and all.

With a wealth of special performances from Frances McDormand (Primal Fear), William H. Macy (The Cooler), Steve Buscemi (Billy Madison), Peter Stormare (Bad Boys 2) and more, Fargo is a special movie that unofficially launched some special filmmakers.

Best Special Feature:
The documentary Minnesota Nice takes a look back at the movie through interviews with the cast, but it wasn’t filmed any time recently. So, it’s an utterly bizarre watch because of the time element, but even so, there’s some great factoids in there. Macy (Mystery Men), for example, wasn’t supposed to play Jerry. He came in to read for a small cop role. They asked him if he wanted to read for Jerry. He did. It went pretty well and later, he heard they were testing more people in New York and he flew there on his own dime to try again. In retrospect, it was a good call.

Other Bonus Features:
Commentary with Roger A Deakins
Trivia Track
American Cinematographer Article
Photo Gallery
Theatrical Trailer
TV Spot

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