Knights of Badassdom Box
Knights of Badassdom
While 47 Ronin doesn’t work as a B-movie, Joe Lynch’s Knights of Badassdom certainly does. The horror-comedy film is set on the field of a live-action role-playing game featuring a group of roleplayers who unwittingly unleash an angry succubus onto the premises. The crew must then work together to save their friends and comrades from arduous deaths, but it may be too late.

Even the film’s extras are unabashedly ridiculous. There’s a pretty self-explanatory "Summer Glau Hottie Montage" and two separate and cleverly named "horr-o-medy" featurettes on the disc, which look at how the film was an homage to movies that were made back in the eighties. Plenty of interviews from the movie’s stars also pepper the disc. Speaking of the actors, Knights of Badassdom is peppered with popular TV actors, including True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten, Game of Thrones’ Peter Dinklage, Treme’s Steve Zahn, Breakout King’s Jimmi Simpson, Community’s Danny Pudi, Arrow’s Summer Glau, and former Revenge actress Margarita Levieva. The who’s who game with the actors is almost as fun as the movie itself, and while this one won’t make your top 10 of the year list, it won’t be a regretful waste of a Tuesday night, either.

If horror-comedies, samurai flicks, and more aren’t up your alley, there are a few other big releases this week. You can take a look, below. Unless otherwise noted, sets are available on both Blu-ray and DVD.

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