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Bad Grandpa marks the first time the Jackass crew made a real movie with a plot out of its sketch comedy antics. We’ve seen the evolution of Johnny Knoxville’s Bad Grandpa character over several movies, but this time he’s front and center, and he has an eight-year-old sidekick named Billy (Jackson Nicholl) to help him get some laughs.

Nicholl and Knoxville worked together on the set of Fun Size and immediately built some rapport. By the time they started shooting Bad Grandpa, they come across like true partners in crime, whether those antics involve stealing groceries, trying to pick up women, or engaging in female beauty pageants.

While I give Jeff Tremaine credit for building a series of pranks into a road trip movie with half a plot, it still feels like a disjointed film, jumping from gross out pranks to site gags, to award situational humor with quick cut-to shots. It’s tough to tell how much time passes and how many days go by as the young man and the old man try to head to Raleigh, North Carolina to meet Billy’s father. Luckily, what the movie lacks in continuity it makes up in laughs.

The Jackass guys have always been fans of stretching the limits of jokes, and some of the stuff covered in Bad Grandpa might be unnerving for even the most raucous of fans. The good news is that no one was harmed in the making of the film, and Bad Grandpa goes out of its way to show the aftermath of many of its pranks in the extras on the disc. In fact, the film thrives on its hour of bonus features, going into detail about how each of the pranks were shot, how releases were acquired afterward and how the whole production was built around good-natured fun. The way Bad Grandpa was shot sets it up for some excellent extras, and Paramount Home Media Distribution’s Blu-ray release doesn’t disappoint.

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Other Special Features:
Unrated Cut of the film
Deleted Scenes
Alternate Real-Life Reactions

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