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Director Robert Rodriguez is not a man who shies from sequels if he feels like he has a story to tell. Right now, he’s working on the second film in the hit Sin City franchise, but last year he put together Machete Kills, a film starring Danny Trejo in yet another fuck ‘em up adventure, filled with blood, eye patches and plenty of Lady Gaga.

The story is a pretty detailed one. Following the death of his partner, Santana (Jessica Alba), Machete (Trejo) is devastated. He doesn’t have much time to think about his feelings, however, as he gets tasked by the President of the United States (Charlie Sheen) to take down a deranged arms dealer. This leads him on a trail of misadventures that includes heading into a brothel, getting targeted for death by a group of prostitute assassins, meeting up with corrupt businessmen, and much, much more. As Machete journeys, he is forced to converse or fight with a lot of people, and this gives Rodriguez plenty of room to pull people in for guest spots and major roles. In the course of an hour and 45 minutes, Mel Gibson, Demian Bichir, Amber Heard, Michelle Rodriguez, Sofia Vergara and Lady Gaga all pop up in pretty big roles. On top of that, Antonia Banderas, Walton Goggins, Vanessa Hudgens and Cuba Gooding, Jr., also put their stamp on the film. If you are looking for a lot of famous eye candy and you don’t have Movie 43 handy, Machete Kills is a much better substitute.

The story is wilder and the kills aren’t quite as enthralling and unusual this time around, but if you are a fan of the first film in the Machete franchise, Machete Kills offers enough points of interest and imaginative kills to entice fans to purchase. Still, the violent and sometimes even goofy nature of the film will be a put-off to others, and probably won’t bring new fans to the table. Regardless, that’s probably not why Rodriguez signed on to produce a second film, anyway.

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Best Special Feature: The deleted and extended scenes are probably the best extras available on the disc, although the actual deleted scenes are a little more interesting than the extended fodder. Several of these scenes feature nudity, including a moment in a hot tub and another when a baby Machete in a tube is revealed. I actually really enjoyed all of the extra Mel Gibson sequences available in the bonus features. If you want to sample the bonus footage, you can check one out, here.

Other Special Features:
"Making Machete Kills"

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