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It’s been nearly a decade since the Hurricane Katrina disaster struck the port town of New Orleans. It's an event that still feels in the recent past, thanks to the plethora of film and television that has kept the story in the public eye far after the waters of the Gulf receded back to normal levels. In Eric Heisserer’s directorial debut Hours, viewers are privy to a narrative set in the heart of a big storm, in a hospital where a young father is struggling to keep his newborn daughter on a breathing device.

The film is largely in the hands of the late Paul Walker, who plays a father waiting in a hospital while his wife is in labor. Faced with disaster after disaster, Nolan Hayes (Walker) must figure out a way to make ends meet and save his family while the flood walls fail and water begins to pour into New Orleans. Walker does a good job with the material, capably showing audiences the frustrations of life in the hours after Katrina hit, amped up by a timeline related to a baby girl and a breathing apparatus. It’s a little predictable at the end, but the terror and frustration related to the big disaster offer enough thrills to justify tuning in.

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