Dexter: The Seventh Season Blu-ray
Showtime’s Dexter is one of the few shows that hasn’t really outlived its shelf life. After seven seasons, plotlines have gotten a little larger than life and quite a bit more sordid, but they are just as compelling as they were when they hooked us in at the beginning of Season 1. Prior to the release of Season 7, this seemed as if this would be a difficult feat to achieve. How could the writers top Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) finally getting an eyeful of Dexter's (Michael C. Hall) other side?

Season 7 starts with a series of intricate lies between Dexter and Deb. It’s difficult to keep a secret from someone as questioning and intelligent as Deb and things start unraveling fairly quickly. Season 7’s new sort-of team up between Dexter and his sister is a brand new dynamic for the series and how Deb deals with it not only opens up the storyline for her character, it adds a depth to the two characters’ sibling dynamics, as well.

Season 7 may not be chock full of bonus features, but it does offer plenty of suspense. Even if you’ve caught the episodes on Showtime, they are full of intricate details, which make them good for repeat viewings, although the shock factor of the first watch will be lost. The set looks great on Blu-ray and can be purchased right now for the reasonable price of $29.99 over at Amazon.

Best Special Feature: Showtime’s not particularly big on making extras available with their TV sets. Instead, they offer fans extra episodes of other programs, hoping to earn extra viewers for some of the network’s other shows. Interestingly, on this disc, they do make the pilot episode for Ray Donovan available, which is pretty awesome, since it doesn’t officially premiere until June 30, 2013.

Other Special Features:
“First Two Episodes of the Second Season of The Borgias
“First Two Episodes of the First Season of House of Lies

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