Counting Cars – Season 1 DVD
Danny “The Count” Kokar and his gang have a flair for the dramatic. From boldly colored cars to painted flames spurting across hoods and doors, the guys come up with some bold, unique, and always professional designs to showcase cars from various points in history. History’s reality series is a bit of a stretch for the channel—there are a crew of very modern guys creating modern cars out of historical vehicles, but if you liked Danny’s guest stints on Pawn Stars, no doubt there is something to find, here, as well.

Counting Cars – Season 1 is notable thanks to History hopefully turning a new leaf with its DVD sets. If you’ve stuck around for some of the other sets created for History reality series, you know they aren’t anything to write home about. A season will be split into two volumes and usually buyers get half of a reality TV season and no extras. However, the Counting Cars offers 13 episodes on two discs, and a variety of extra behind-the-scenes footage that wasn’t used during the show. Overall, it’s a step in the right direction for History’s reality programs, and I hope this full-season format is used in the future.

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Best Special Feature: There are 19 “bonus footage” scenes available with the set. Some of these segments aren’t as great, but a few are really fun or helpful, including a scene where Danny tries to buy a sweet Gangster-era vehicle from a guy who really just wants a paint job and another scene where a tour of the premises and of the workers at Count’s Kustoms is undertaken. I’m more of a Pawn Stars gal, myself, but anyone who enjoys some pretty looking cars and the process it takes to give these cars a custom look should enjoy the extras.

Other Special Features:

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