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Hollywood keeps churning out comedies about the end of the world. Last year, Steve Carell and Kiera Knightley starred in Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. This summer, we got got This is the End and Rapture-Palooza. The latter was a smaller release, but it features Craig Robinson and Anna Kendrick, and if you are a fan of either actors’ body of work, it’s an amusing and weird adventure comedy about living next door to the anti-christ.

There are a few smaller film releases this week like Rapture-palooza, but mostly there’s plenty of TV for fans to nab just before this fall’s releases hit the schedule. Boardwalk Empire is one big example, but this week ABC Studios is also putting out the second season of Revenge, which will offer plenty of murder and intrigue, as well as bonus features. ABC’s drama went off the rails a little in Season 2, but it seems as if Emily will be back on track to exact her revenge when the show returns for another round this fall. Beyond the Revenge: The Complete Second Season set, there are a lot of network television releases this week about families and crime and you can read more about the releases, below.

Unless otherwise noted, sets are available on both Blu-ray and DVD.

Revenge: The Complete Second Season DVD
NCIS: The Complete Tenth Season DVD
The Good Wife: The Fourth Season DVD
Parenthood:Season 4 DVD
NCIS: Los Angeles—The Fourth Season DVD
Mike & Molly: The Complete Third Season DVD
Killing Season
Scary Movie 5
Being Human Season 5 DVD
Peter Pan Return to Neverland
The Best of American Pickers: Mike & Franks Picks DVD
The Best of Pawn Stars: The Greatest Stories Ever Sold DVD
The Best of Storage Wars: Life in the Locker DVD
Free Angela & All Political Prisoners DVD

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