Elementary: The First Season DVD
Man, am I a fan of Stephen Moffat’s Sherlock. As such, it was extremely difficult to head into Elementary with an open mind and heart. The good news is that CBS’ hit freshman crime drama is nothing like its British counterpart. It’s more of a reimagining than a retelling, and it follows the Holmes canon a whole lot looser, while still putting together a cast of compelling characters working together to solve crimes and make the occasional personal changes.

The biggest changes are noticeable early on. The setting in Elementary is New York City, and while our Sherlock Holmes (Johnny Lee Miller) is British, our Watson (Lucy Liu) is an American woman who formerly worked as a doctor and now acts as Miller’s ‘sober companion’ as he gets over a drug addiction. The series, created by Robert Doherty, is full of these associations from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s canon of characters, but the characters’ portrayals on CBS’ drama often bend genders and personalities to suit the modern-day narrative.

Elementary did well on CBS’ schedule during its freshman run. The drama did well enough in the ratings to nab the post-Super Bowl slot and eventually even earned an additionally episode order, bringing the episode count for the season up to 23 (24 if you count the two-part finale).

CBS’ sets aren’t exactly known for their bonus features, but the Elementary set is decently fun, although the discs are a little annoying to navigate. The bulk of the extras is a set of webisodes under the title “The Power of Observation,” which go behind-the-scenes to talk about the making of the series. What you’ll get out of all of these is that writing a character as detail-oriented as Holmes is tough, but rewarding. As exciting as the episodes are, the bonus features are quite the opposite.

You can order Elementary: The First Season over at Amazon, or you can check out some more of the August 27th releases, below. Unless otherwise noted, the upcoming releases are available on both Blu-ray and DVD.

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