The Notebook: Ultimate Collector’s Edition
Nick Cassavetes’ The Notebook was released all the way back in 2004, and in the time since, the film has been released on DVD and later Blu-ray in a slew of regular and limited editions meant to entice buyers to purchase or perhaps even re-purchase the film. This time around, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has put together The Notebook: Ultimate Collector’s Edition Blu-ray, which boasts a slew of keepsakes for major fans of the film.

The first thing you’ll notice about the set is that it is extremely heavy. The Ultimate Collector’s Edition comes in a box that is bigger than most TV sets and while the Blu-ray copy itself is fairly small, the set also offers The Notebook Journal, a leatherbound (well, at least fake leather) book with illustrations from scenes in the film drawn along the edges of its pages. Additionally, an envelope filled with quotes and film stills—including plenty of close-ups of Ryan Gosling—are available with the set. The crown jewel is the collectible, heart-shaped locket that is a versatile pendant necklace and is actually pretty cute.

The Notebook is based on a novel by the bestselling author Nicholas Sparks, and follows the sometimes tempestuous love story of Noah and Allie, a tale of forbidden love, of making adult choices, and for fighting for the people who mean the most. As most of the film is set in the past at the beginning of the couple’s love narrative in the 1940s, the lovely costuming and scenery helps to add depth and charm to the somewhat familiar tale.

At this point, The Notebook has probably wafted into your life at one point or another. Either you are the type of person who loves the simple and elegant nature of this sort of romantic story, or you are the cynical type who might scoff at the tale. This set isn’t for the latter person. It’s for the person who wants to come home after a long day at work or school and relax on the couch, dreaming about the potential of romance while eating a pint of ice cream.

All in all, if you are a fan of the romantic drama who already owns a copy of the film, it may not be worth it to re-purchase, but if you are a first time buyer or are ready to trade up for a Blu-ray copy, this is the route to go.

You can order The Notebook: Ultimate Collector’s Edition over at Amazon.

Best Special Feature: Most of the exciting extras are the aforementioned keepsakes. The necklace is stunning and the film stills are actually surprisingly well done, rather than cheesy (Alright, maybe a little cheesy, but I buy it). The actual extras on the set were created for other editions of the film, so if you already own a copy of The Notebook, it’s likely you’ve already seen them.

If you haven't come across in of the bonus footage, nine deleted scenes are available with the set and each of these is worth a watch. If I had to choose an extra, these were the most exciting for me, although the inclusion of Rachel McAdams’ screen test is also an interesting watch. Again, if you are buying this set, it should be for the Blu-ray film and the keepsake extras. If you’re not, I’m sure there are cheaper versions on the market.

Other Special Features:
Audio Commentaries from Nick Cassavetes and Nicholas Sparks
“All in the Family: Nick Cassavetes”
“Nicholas Sparks: A Simply Story, Well Told”
“Southern Exposure: Locating The Notebook
“Casting Rachel and Ryan”
“Rachel McAdams Screen Test”

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