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Every once in a while, a family-friendly movie specifically geared to older individuals will find resonance at the box office. Movies like Red have shown the ability to make a tidy profit in the past, but unfortunately, Warner Bros.’ Grudge Match is not Red. It lacks any quirks or clever jokes when it tells its tale of blood, sweat and stealing, but despite that, it still has a sort of likability about it.

The premise is simple. Boxers "Razor" Sharp (Sylvester Stallone) and "Kid" McDonnen (Robert De Niro) had a famous rivalry decades ago. Over time their careers staled, but their disdain for one another just grew. It’s clear from the beginning of the flick that animosity is at the heart of the relationship, and when a fast-talker named Dante Slate Jr. (Kevin Hart) begins chatting about fighting a new grudge match, it seems to be the perfect opportunity for the two men to work out some aggression. But first, viewers have to get through training montages and a few heart-stringing side plots.

Hart’s been everywhere over the last several months, playing a lead in Ride Along, About Last Night and more. The man often waffles between pitch perfect jokes and a too over-the-top personality, but even in a supporting role this time, the jokes are mostly misses. At least they are youthful, though. The rest of the movie is infused with slow gags and slow deliveries, including Alan Arkin, who pops in to train Razor and crack jokes while eating bananas and being his usual oddball self. There’s nothing fascinating about any of the characters’ reprisals, but there is an easy flow to the movie.

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Best Special Feature:
It’s a pretty big surprise to see so many bonus features on the disc. Multiple featurettes and alternate takes are available for fans, although none of the extras are among the best we’ve ever seen. I did really enjoy watching the segment on the opening sequence, which shows us how the movie almost turned out and how certain editing was accomplished to age footage and replace the faces of the young actors with leads Stallone and De Niro. Director Peter Segal is also on hand to explain why decisions were made and the special effects were accomplished.

Other Bonus Features:
"Behind the Scenes: The Bull & The Stallion"
"Behind the Scenes: In the Ring with Kevin Hart"
"Ringside with Tyson & Holyfield"
"Blow by Blow with Larry Holmes, intro by Peter Segal"
Alternate Opening with intro by Peter Segal
Alternate Endings with Intro by Peter Segal
Deleted Scenes

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