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Zero Dark Thirty
Zero Dark Thirty is a film about the complications of war and terrorism and the bureaucratic decision-making that goes into fighting for freedom. More distinctly, it’s the story of a woman named Maya (Jessica Chastain) who relentlessly pursues Osama Bin Laden, getting little sleep, losing some of the few friends she has, and hardening her attitude and demeanor to achieve her goals.

While Maya is the focal point tying the film together, Zero Dark Thirty also features some great moments with a slew of male actors, including Jason Clarke, Kyle Chandler, Mark Strong, and a sneaky good cameo from Mark Duplass. If you are into the intricacies of intelligence-gathering tactics, Katherine Bigelow’s film about capturing Bin Laden is not only an interesting movie with detail-oriented appeal, it’s also one of the standouts of the year.

Best Special Feature: Honestly, the bonus features are pretty short and sweet on this disc, so if you do plan to purchase the film, do so for the movie, and the pretty intricate menu set-up page. If I did have to choose a bonus feature that was my favorite, it would be the short featurette called “Geared Up.” The segment looks into the information Bigelow and co. were given concerning some of the details of capturing Bin Laden. One of the hardest pieces of the puzzle to reinvent were the stealth helicoptors.

It’s easy enough to build practically anything in Hollywood. However, it’s less easy to build something without a master plan to go off of. Very few people have ever seen a stealth helicopter and the government wasn’t exactly forthcoming with top secret information, including how to build one. However, there were photos of the tail available from the wreck at the compound and the studios worked with engineers and people capable of designing something off of the tail. It’s a pretty interesting watch and a problem most films would never come up against.

Other Special Features:
“The Compound”
“Targeting Jessica Chastain”
“No Small Feat”

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