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This Is 40
This is 40 is the sequel to Knocked Up, an often funny but bloated production that follows a couple (Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd) who have fallen into a marital rut. At the same time, they hit some financial problems and are dealing with their two girls, who are both at critical stages in the growing up process. It sounds like your average family comedy, but fans of Apatow’s work in the past will find some of the same rauchy but realistic comedy that’s become his signature.

This movie has some problems. The film’s length is a little prolonged and the flow of some of its scenes doesn’t always seem like a natural progression, or even necessary. However, This is 40 is sort of like its subject family—a little messy, occasionally tedious, but always well-meaning and very believable. Spend an hour or two with Debbie and Pete on their 40th birthdays and I doubt very much you will regret it. This is 40 also stars Jason Segel, Megan Fox, Albert Brooks, John Lithgow, Chris O’Dowd, and a slew of other familiar names and faces.

Please Note: This is 40 will not be available for purchase until Friday, March 22.

Best Special Feature: It’s a comedy, so the deleted, extended and alternate scene segments are pretty great. I will say they serve to highlight why the final product of This is 40 is so long, because there are other equally twisted comedic moments in the deleted fodder as well as a few outright hilarious ones. I especially like a couple of extra scenes that are outtakes from a cut dinner table scene where the Apatow girls are conversing with a little boy at one table and Rudd and Mann’s characters are having a weirdo conversation with Annie Mumolo and Robert Smigel’s characters about sex.

Honestly, there are more extras on this disc than with most releases and certainly most comedies. You put this much A-list talent into one room and you are bound to overshoot. In many ways, that’s the best problem a comedy can have and anyone willing to purchase the This is 40 set on Blu-ray should have a lot of fun perusing all of the bonus features. You can check out the rest, below.

Other Special Features:
Feature Commentary with Judd Apatow
“The Making of This is 40” documentary
“This is Albert Brooks (at work)” documentary
“Graham Parker & The Rumour: Long Emotional Ride” documentary
Music: Graham Parker
Music: Graham Parker & The Rumour
Music: Ryan Adams
Gag Reel
Biking with Barry
Triumph the Insult Comic Dog
Kids on the Loose 3
Bodies By Jason commercial
Fresh Air with Terry Gross

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