Halloween: 35th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray
Back in 1978, John Carpenter created Halloween on a low $325,000 budget. The film later blew up thanks to its small town tale of pure evil gone awry, grossing more than $70 million worldwide (a huge sum at the time) and giving birth to the slasher genre. Thirty-five years later, the movie still has a huge following, and the film’s impact has been explored in the Halloween: 35th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray.

Fans of John Carpenter’s Halloween have seen re-releases of the film every five years, but the 35th Anniversary Edition is a little bit special. First, it’s a fine looking set. The film is encased in a Blu-ray book format, featuring a rambling narrative that tells a ton of stories about the cast and crew’s relationships as well as Carpenter’s intentions when making the film. The photo book abounds with pictures and the cover art for the set was even specially commissioned by the studio and created by Jay Shaw.

Anchor Bay Home Entertainment has been putting together Halloween sets for years. Apparently, there’s been some drama in the past regarding revamping the film on to DVD and Blu-ray. Anchor Bay Home Entertainment made a specific point to note that this set has been given an all-new HD transfer and that it was Dean Cundey who supervised the transfer.

Overall, the set’s pretty cool, but it may not be cool enough to be worth re-purchasing if you already own a copy of the film. You can order the Halloween: 35th Anniversary Collection over at Amazon.

Best Special Feature: I happen to love watching trailers for old movies and seeing just how differently films were presented in different ages when compared to today. The trailer on the disc won’t disappoint, although if you purchased the Blu-ray, you probably want to give the brand new audio commentary a shot, which features comments from both Carpenter and Jamie Lee Curtis.

The other new extra is an extremely lengthy featurette called “The Night She Came Home.” It follows a horror festival event that Curtis decided to attend in Indianapolis, Indiana. The ins and outs of putting on a meet and greet are shown, but the only really exciting part of the segment is hearing what the fans think about the event and some of the travel arrangements people made to show up and see Curtis. The fandom related to Halloween is amazing, even 35 years later.

Other Special Features:
Brand New Audio Commentary
“On Location: 25 Years Later” featurette
TV & Radio Spots
TV Version Footage

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