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A late night out. A bunch of college era mistakes and madness. Girls worth fighting for. Lots and lots of alcohol. These familiar tropes are all a part of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment’s brand new Blu-ray release of 21 & Over, and the box art loudly proclaims the writers of The Hangover are also involved. However, what this film has outside the fodder of normal college nonsense comedies is Miles Teller and Skylar Astin, the first who wowed audiences as an unknown in Rabbit Hole and the second who won over hearts in Pitch Perfect. The two familiar faces are accompanied by Justin Chon on their adventures, whose character, Jeff, spends a majority of the film passed out. Somewhat like Justin Bartha’s character in The Hangover franchise, he’s more often a topic of discussion and mystery than a real asset in the film.

21 & Over is a raunchier film than we’ve seen from the young actors, but the movie is still familiar territory for Astin and Teller, who have often played characters younger than the mid-twenties the two are actually at, age-wise. Unfortunately, while 21 & Over will offer enough laughs to perhaps make the 93 minute run of the film worthwhile, some of the movie’s wilder scenes detract from the comedy.

From professors taking acid and dancing to buffalo escaping and mauling overly aggressive cheerleaders, 21 & Over doesn’t feel like the type of college movie that could really exist in real time and space. Most of its characters are too close to caricatures and most of its events are too far beyond normal night-gone-awry shenanigans. Making a movie about an over-the-top night has worked in the film industry for years, but creating a movie that often doesn’t make any sort of sense detracts from this standard formula.

21 & Over is somewhat saved by its likeable cast, which also features TV frequenter Sarah Wright, who plays the love interest and girl-next-door character in the film. When 21 & Over is tackling issues like girls, school, and friendship and peppering those moments with sly or bombastic humor, the movie often works, but when it is introducing bulls and hot brands it more than often doesn’t. Despite the polarizing effects of the movie’s different scenes, it’s not the worst use of time, ever.

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Best Special Feature: Really, the extras on this disc are not worth writing home about. The best segment is probably a short featurette called “Levels of Intoxication,” which gives audiences an idea of the work Chon went through to portray a mildly intoxicated character as well as a puking, ill drunk.

Other Special Features:
“Tower of Power”
Gag Reel
Theatrical Trailer

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