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Season 2 of Wilfred continues to follow the adventures of a pliable character named Ryan (Elijah Wood) and his neighbor’s loudmouthed and ill-behaved dog named Wilfred (Jason Gann), whom Ryan sees as an adult Australian dude in a dog costume. If the concept seems strange and a little dark, the comedy is even more so, ranging from heavy drug use to scenes straight out of a hellish nightmare, with jokes. If you expected anything less from a buddy comedy about a dude with mental problems and a dog-costumed individual who is unlikely to be real, you may be the one off of your rocker.

I didn’t think things could get any weirder on Wilfred than the Season 1 episode where Wilfred had “a gift” where he was able to tell when old people were about to die. However, as the series progresses in Season 2, things have gotten a little darker for Ryan. We are introduced to more plotlines where Ryan seems to be hallucinating, and just when things seem to be looking up for the character, they invariably get way worse.

Season 2 introduces fans to Amanda, a girl who is super into Ryan and who is played by Smallville’s Allison Mack. Ryan really needs a girl to keep him from pining over his neighbor and Wilfred’s owner, Jenna (Fiona Gubelmann) who has a boyfriend, Drew (Chris Klein). Amanda seems like she might be just the ticket to keeping Ryan a functional and somewhat normal human being, but like every character on this show, things are a little more complicated than they at first seem.

Unlike some TV networks, FX is usually pretty good about putting together Blu-ray and DVD releases for its original content. Fans of Wilfred can roll with either, and although I haven’t seen the DVD copy, it doesn’t seem like the type of set where the Blu-ray is far superior. The usual suspects for comedies are available on this disc too, with a blooper reel and some deleted scenes making up the bulk over the bonus features, although Blu-ray copies do include an exclusive short called "Stay." I highly suggest catching Season 2, but however you opt to do so should be just fine.

From cheery midwives working amidst the drudgery and poverty of the Poplar district in the 1950s to three dudes reliving their college days while working in the American corporate system, this week also has plenty of TV fodder to offer fans, as well as a few more movies. You can check out some more of this week’s releases, below.

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The Last Exorcism Part II
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American Idiots DVD

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