Other May 7 Titles
It’s the end of an era for a few different shows this week. Both 30 Rock and Fringe are putting out their final seasons on DVD (and in Fringe’s case, Blu-ray), today. It’s always a little bittersweet when popular shows, whether mainstream or cult end their runs, and both of these TV series have left major marks on the TV landscape, with 30 Rock bringing a clever angle to the comedy scene and Fringe proving, yet again, that science fiction can work on major network television. You can check out some of the other releases this week, below.

All titles come in both Blu-ray and DVD, unless otherwise noted.

30 Rock: Season 7 DVD
Fringe: The Complete Fifth Season
The Great Escape Blu-ray
Private Practice: The Complete Sixth Season
An Officer and a Gentleman Blu-ray
Witness DVD
Steel Magnolias DVD
Citizen Hearst DVD

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