The Legend of Hercules Box
The Legend of Hercules Blu-ray 3D
The Legend of Hercules’ low box office intake and laughable Rotten Tomatoes score might be enough to turn off potential viewers. However, if you do engage with the movie, you’ll find The Legend of Hercules is a knock-off of plenty of legendary movies in a format that looks cheaper than the average episode of Spartacus. If you like half naked men participating in the masculine rituals of yesteryear, you’ll probably believe The Legend of Hercules is a passable romp.

Interestingly, Lionsgate and Summit’s 3D set only comes with one disc. After sitting through the previews, your player will detect whether you have a Blu-ray 3D player or the regular 2D machine and will direct viewers to the appropriate menu. The whole set is laid out pretty nicely and should be a reminder that an ancient Greek story about Amphitryon (Scott Adkins) and Hercules (Kellan Lutz) could have been a nice moneymaker for the studio. Unfortunately, by the time Hera appears in disguise to declare the big prophecy that sets the "epic" story going, the graphics, action and acting should have already turned people off. The movie virtually had the same budget as the original 300, and it seems the studio was looking for the same sort of moneymaker, but it just doesn’t pan out.

You can check out some more of this week’s releases, below. Unless otherwise noted, sets are available on both Blu-ray and DVD.

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