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Wes Anderson movies are often thoughtful, witty and educated. They are stylized in a specific and strange manner and filled with uncanny and amusing dialogue. Adjectives used to describe these films often include whimsical, magical and quirky. Anderson’s latest, The Grand Budapest Hotel offers each of these lovely looks, laughs and feelings but adds in a deeper sense of loss and nostalgia to boot.

It may take a little while to fully check into The Grand Budapest Hotel. The film is cut haphazardly, jumping from a girl reading a book in an unknown time period to a narrator telling the story of another man’s story. This story within a story within a story might throw anyone off, but once we peel back the layers and really engage in the tale of a young immigrant and his hotel concierge boss, the movie grows into an enjoyable and strange endeavor with a few notes of sadness found within.

At the heart of the story is a murder. The story goes like this: An older woman who is a patron of the famed Grand Budapest Hotel suffers a quick and mysterious death. She leaves behind oodles of money, all of which her family members hope to inherit. Instead, she leaves a valuable painting to her favorite concierge Monsier Gustave H. (Ralph Fiennes), who travels with a lobby boy named Zero (Tony Revolori) to pick up his precious prize. While The Grand Budapest Hotel is an adventure story, it is more of a comedy than a traditional whodunit and that’s where Anderson’s signature wacky antics and sight gags kick in.

The cut of the film is somewhat jumpy, but the thoughtful portrayals of Zero and M.Gustave more than make up for those small errors. Additionally, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment’s set looks lovely on Blu-ray, even making the ugly Pepto Bismal pink of the Grand Budapest palatable. Anderson’s unique style and tone may no longer surprise the most ardent of fans, but he certainly hasn’t lost his touch with The Grand Budapest Hotel.

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Best Special Feature: The best featurette is "Bill Murray Tours The Town" because every excuse to let Bill Murray wander around in a foreign country and act weird is worthwhile, especially when there’s talk of moustaches, sneaking over the border and small town landmarks.

Other Bonus Features:
" "Kunstmuseum Zubrowska Lecture
"The Society Of The Crossed Keys"
"The Making Of The Grand Budapest Hotel"
Mendl’s Secret Recipe
"Wes Anderson"
Stills Gallery
Theatrical Trailer

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