The Croods Blu-ray
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment’s The Croods is a family tale about a clan of cavemen who are forced to confront their fears and explore a brand new world after their cave is destroyed. The film suffers from a terrible title, but features a warm plotline that focuses on family dynamics, young romance, and plenty of adventure.

It’s easy enough to identify with the Crood family, even if they are living in a world that is part caveman and part fantastical landscapes and creatures. There’s Grug (Nicholas Cage), the patriarch of the family and the man who has kept his family flourishing when so many others had died. There’s a rascally old Gran (Cloris Leachman), a reasonable mother, Ugga (Catherine Keener), and a very dumb brother, Thunk (Clark Duke). At the heart of the plotline, though are Guy (Ryan Reynalds) and Eep (Emma Stone), two teens who are learning to like one another but also to understand what it is like to trust an outsider for the first time.

The new relationship is mutually beneficial for everyone to combat the brand new hardships along the way, including tar pits and carnivorous creatures. The real joys come from the cutesy ways the characters play off one another. This is mostly due to Cage’s Grug, who gets the best lines playing an overprotective father who doesn’t do overly well with change. Additionally, his hatred for his mother-in-law brings in some of the movie’s best jokes.

The film is missing some of the heart that the best animated films typically have, but The Croods is still an amusing and fanciful adventure film offering plenty of visual wonder. With plenty of star power and a good box office haul, it’s no surprise that DreamWorks would sign on for a second adventure story, either.

You can order The Croods over at Amazon (and it looks like that copy even comes with a furry stuffed animal).

Best Special Feature: “The Croodaceous Creatures of The Croods” is an interactive segment explaining all of the imaginary beasts and creatures that pop up during the tenure of the film. This one is actually particularly helpful, considering the team of animators mixed up owls and felines, whales and more to come up with hybrid creatures that frequently terrorize the Croods.

Other Special Features:
“Belt’s Cave Journal”
Croods Cuts: Lost Scenes”
“Be An Artist: Draw Creatures from The Croods
Theatrical Trailer
“World of Dreamworks Animation

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