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For a brief period in the 1970s, porn star Linda Lovelace was a household name, one that divisively claimed her as a star of the sexual revolution while simultaneously asserting her as reprehensible in a society that was trying desperately to hold on to family values and a religious code. The porn star turned housewife would later spend much of her career denouncing her years in porn, but that’s not really the story audiences will encounter in Lovelace. In fact, much of the plot in the movie is taken directly from Lovelace’s popular book, Ordeal.

Lovelace is most famous for the 1972 film Deep Throat, but her story in Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman’s Lovelace begins much earlier, focusing on a youngish Linda Boreman (Amanda Seyfried) and her early moral code. All of this changes when she meets Chuck Traynor (Peter Scaarsgard), an older dude who reveals himself to be interested in making home pornographic films. Lovelace seems to enjoy the wild sexual romp for a while, but then her reality takes a dark turn.

Traynor and Lovelace’s relationship becomes a volatile one, full of threats, beatings, and even forced prostitution. It’s harrowing to watch Lovelace get through the ordeal that seems to be her pornographic career, and while the story makes for somewhat compelling film, the truth of the biographical narrative is somewhat more wishy-washy. Andy Bellin’s script seems to take Lovelace’s word at face value, although her version of events has also provoked devisive criticism and support in the past.

Still the film is visually appealing and put together by masterful eyes. The color and flair of the seventies is constantly present, and the film frequently uses home movie reels to show action in the narrative—fitting, due to the context of the film. Additionally, a slew of big names are on hand to play small roles through the film. These actors include James Franco as the too-young playboy savant Hugh Hefner. Sharon Stone, Robert Patrick, Bobby Cannavale, Juno Temple, and Chris Noth all have moderately meaty roles. Other big names, like Adam Brody and Chloe Sevigny, appear, as well. It’s Seyfried who is really great onscreen, though. At one point she talks about her character in Deep Throat being like a budding flower that is on the cusp of flourishing. What her character doesn’t discuss is what happens to the flower as it slowly stops opening up and begins the slow and painful process of dying on the inside. Eventually, Seyfried shows us this process through her character, and although it’s anticlimactic, the film is still worth a perusal based on this performance, and the care taken with the production of the film as a whole.

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Best Special Feature: As we noted in our initial news story, the only extra with the disc is an extensive making of featurette called "Behind Lovelace." There’s a lot of background information about the film in the extra, but I actually enjoyed just hearing Seyfried discuss how she saw the character and the journey of the character through the film. It’s not the best making of segment I’ve ever encountered, but if you liked the film, you will probably find the extra to be informative.

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